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The virtual conference for tech startup hustlers

Reach Over 5,000 Startups & Entrepreneurs


What is Launch Summit?

Launch Summit is a Virtual Conference covering topics related to entrepreneurship with a focus on helping early stage founders build, grow and scale their new and existing companies. The conference will focus on 3 main tracks:

  • Building: Design, branding, & development focused

  • Launching: Launch strategy, validation, & investment 

  • Scaling: Growth hacking, pivoting, & growing a team


But what's a virtual conference?

Professionals are just now seeing all the benefits of virtual conferences. As opposed to in-person conferences where reach is limited to attendees, virtual conferences have the potential for scale in terms of both attendance as well as geographic areas.  

Here's some examples of other virtual conferences you may find interesting:


Get Noticed & Gain Credibility

Launch Summit expects over 5000+ attendees. With a premier list of speakers and sponsors the event is expected to draw entrepreneurs from around the globe ready to find out about you and how your business can continue to help them.



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